Shelving Vs. Cabinetry

Whether you find yourself in the market for office shelving or something of a more industrial nature, you will quickly find that the lines are becoming increasingly blurred when it comes to discerning what constitutes a shelving unit and what is a cabinet.

With such a wide array of manufacturers in the market to choose from, and the competition growing ever more fierce, every effort is being made on the part of these manufacturers to accommodate all their clients potential application requirements with one basic list of standardized components. These components, or more specifically, options, allow you to custom design a shelving unit exactly to fit your business needs.

Although the basic building blocks remain unchanged, these days many manufacturers offer a numberof options that may come as a surprise for the occasional purchaser of shelving. As image and aestheticsincreasingly play a higher role in corporate decisions, decorative end panels are becoming increasinglymore popular in an industrial setting. Where previously lockable cabinets were the storage answer formore valuable items, now lockable doors and / or drawers may suffice. Clients increasingly recognizethat versatility is key.

There is also an increased number of options available specifically for space efficiency. As an example, tominimize a storage footprint, or more specifically the number of shelving units required to store totes,subdivided drawers are a fantastic idea; allowing a customer to replace 3 or more shelving units intoone. Once again, previously the customer was typically steered towards purchasing a cabinet for sucha solution. With the shelving drawer inserts available on the market today, most suited to a number ofdifferent shelving brands, these specific cabinet applications are becoming increasingly rare.

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