Warehouse Layout & Design

Creating Floorspace That Works

An effective warehouse design must account for all of the unique elements that make up a business’ operation. It must consider logistics efficiency, flow through, inventory control, space utilization, future adaptation and most importantly – current and future profitability. It must take into account a company’s short term and long term strategy as well as its forecasted growth. A design study is more often than not an in depth series of questions about where a business is now and ultimately where it intends to be. Many business owners assume that a bigger space equates to a “smarter” space but that is often not necessarily the case. Warehouse expansions and facility moves can be costly and stressful, and in most cases, the complete efficient use of an existing space hasn’t been fully realized. Whether we are re-planning your present facility or designing your new one, our philosophy maintains priority on improving operations procedures and reducing labor costs as strategically, efficiently, and cost effectively as possible.

Our design and layout assessments account for:

  • The interaction between the warehouse and the overall organization.
  • The discovery and study of existing inefficiencies
  • The improvement of productivity and flow
  • Floor Plan flexibility
  • Increased inventory turnover
  • Inventory location
  • Shorter process cycle times

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